mclaren comes clean and promotes filth

Speaking recently to the UK magazine Christianity  Brain McLaren admitted,

‘I’m sensitive to [the silence of many Church leaders], because I struggled with that for many years myself,’ he told Christianity. ‘I was tacitly complicit in the conservative view, even though I didn’t hold it – ever, really. I never was [fully] conservative on the gay issue, but I tried to walk a pastoral road, where I would not drive either gay people away from the Church or conservatives away from the Church. So I think it’s a hard road to walk.’

Well here’s a smidgen of truth at last from someone so experienced in hiding behind fudge, contradiction or double-speak, and leading questions that stop just short of an explicit answer.  All along when asking for a five-year moratorium to consider the issue more fully he knew he disagreed with the traditional view but prevaricated..  Hardly the honest transparency we have a right to expect from our leaders.

Steve Chalke has also come out of the closet in his support for homosexual relationships.  He writes in Christianity,

One tragic outworking of the Church’s historical rejection of faithful gay relationships is our failure to provide homosexual people with any model of how to cope with their sexuality, except for those who have the gift of, or capacity for, celibacy. In this way we have left people vulnerable and isolated. When we refuse to make room for gay people to live in loving, stable relationships, we consign them to lives of loneliness, secrecy, fear and even of deceit.  It’s one thing to be critical of a promiscuous lifestyle – but shouldn’t the Church consider nurturing positive models for permanent and monogamous homosexual relationships?

In autumn 2012 I conducted a dedication and blessing service following the Civil Partnership of two wonderful gay Christians. Why? Not to challenge the traditional understanding of marriage – far from it – but to extend to these people what I would do to others – the love and support of our local church. Our service also gave them the opportunity, surrounded by their family and friends, to publicly recognise their dependence on God and their need to be part of a supportive Christ-centred community to strengthen them in fulfilling their promises to one another. [5]

Let me say it bluntly, these men are not ‘evangelical’ in any historical sense of the word.  I would go further, they are taking a stand that places them firmly in the category of false teachers.  Any who promote them and their views should be treated with great suspicion.


1 Response to “mclaren comes clean and promotes filth”

  1. 1 Don Chiechi
    January 16, 2013 at 12:38 am

    Like the Chinese proverb that states, “going too far is as bad as not going far enough”, this may be a case were Brian’s and Steve’s outreach is wanting not in their following the divine calling to go into the byways and hedges to call those who would come to the wedding ceremony, but in their shrinking back at preaching “the offense of the cross”.

    And as such, these men seem like the man of God of Judah in 1 Kings 13, in that they defy the word of the LORD (not to go beyond what is written). Yet, like the old prophet, it also seems good to desire that our bones be laid beside their bones, for their desire to seek the lost is indeed by the word of the LORD and is true.

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