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piper on god’s humbling of his people

God humbles Charismatics by making their children Calvinists; and Calvinists by making their children speak in tongues.

John Piper


the humble poor believe

The birth of Jesus occasions celebration.  At its event angelic hosts voiced their praise.  However, there were  few of earth’s mighty who celebrated.  Those with vested interest, even at his birth, were more intent on violence against him.  Luke especially among the gospel writers underlines for us it is largely the poor and insignificant who see and rejoice.  It is to shepherds, people of little consequence  in C1 Palestine, that the angel appears and the angelic host voice is revealed.  The invisible, pious old, Simeon and Anna, are those who ‘recognise’ the Christ-child and rejoice.

His soon to be aunt, Elizabeth, living in an unnamed town in the hills of Judah, rejoices.  Her unborn son, the  wilderness prophet John the Baptist who would live on locusts and wild honey expresses his delight by leaping in her womb.  Mary, his divinely-appointed mother rejoices, despite the stigma her pregnancy would inevitably bring.  Poor pious people celebrated while for others the event either passed them by or threatened.

What was then always is the way in God’s Kingdom.  It reverses all expectations.  As Mary observes in her Magnificat,

‘he has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts;
he has brought down the mighty from their thrones
land exalted those of humble estate;
he has filled the hungry with good things,
and the rich he has sent away empty.’ (Lk 1:51-53)

Perhaps the reason why the Gospel of the Kingdom is active and being believed in the many nations of the developing third world even as it wanes in the West lies just here.  We, the West, are the proud in thought and heart comfortable in our own conceits,  the mighty who are to be toppled, the selfishly rich who are sent away empty.


I’m humble and want everyone to know

The gospel produces humble people.  Why is it so many of us gospel people lack humility?

A telling article by Carl Trueman on blog humility, serendipitous for a fledgling blogger like me.  Though, I suspect that ‘serendipitous’ is an example of the very fault the article highlights.

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